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Helping people with restricted shoulder and neck movement due to pain and discomfort.    Treatment room.   Sports Massage, remedial massage

 EMP Therapies

Helping people who have restricted shoulder and neck movement due to pain and stiffness.   Using massage to give more mobility, reduce pain so they can live an active life.


Royston - Buntingford - Baldock

in the North Hertfordshire Countryside

Are you suffering with 
chronic shoulder and neck pain and stiffness?

Do you feel frustrated and annoyed by the constant restrictions, you’ve  adapted the way you do things or you even avoid doing them all together!!

 It feels like a constant companion that’s always there, dragging you down, stopping you from doing everyday things such as household chores or gardening, it’s effecting your ability to enjoy sport and socialise?    


Your muscles feel tight and you have to limited the time you spend  doing the gardening or playing the children as you know that your shoulder will feel heavy, stiff and achy.    

You feel old before your time and long to be the old you again.


You’ve struggled to find someone to help you.

Maybe it’s time for a change?  

I work and help people just like you using a variety of massage techniques learnt over the 19 years I’ve been a massage therapist.   I can help get your shoulder and neck moving again, relaxing the muscles and easing the stiffness, tightness and reducing the pain which in turn will enable you to regain movement in your shoulder and neck.  


Enabling you to become the old you again!

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Smiling Senior Woman

 Wanted to let you know that I've felt enormous benefit in my back as well. I've had virtually no pain in it since Wednesday, and it had been troubling me quite a lot. 


I had an amazing sports massage at the Haybarn with Edwina and booked straight away onto a course and still see Edwina on a fortnightly basis 10 months later. She was able to release the tension and knots in my shoulders/neck and they have felt so much better since.


This is one of the best massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of massages..)!

 I will definitely be returning!


Casual Mature Man

Excellent location, very professional and effective sports massage. Will come again.


Edwina has empathy and understanding of her clients’ needs which I have greatly benefited from, her ability and experience.    


She’s very professional and has the ‘magic touch’. I’ve been going for a year now and she’s the best therapist around.    


Have visited Edwina quite a few times over the years - always with positive outcomes.

Friendly and relaxing. Advice on post-treatment exercises etc. especially useful.


Professional Woman Smiling

She always makes me feel comfortable and takes the time to find out what I want from the session before starting.  Would happily recommend. 


She identified the problem in my shoulder and neck immediately and worked on the area and I noticed the difference immediately afterwards. She advised me on some areas to strengthen and I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and skills.


The massage really helped relieve my back pain.   Edwina clearly knows what she is doing. The pressure was just right!

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Contact Me

Hay Barn, Five House Farm Courtyard,
Sandon Road, Therfield.   Hertfordshire.  SG8 9RE

Tel/Text/WhatsApp: 07808125613

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